Macro/Finance Group, NIPFP

The Digital India Land Record Modernisation Program

The Digital India Land Record Modernisation Program, Ajay Shah, Anirudh Burman, Devendra Damle, Itishree Rana, Suyash Rai

The Government of India has been running a program for improving land titles called the Digital India Land Record Modernisation Program (DILRMP, titled the National Land Record Modernisation Program until 2015) since 2006. The DILRMP was initiated with the objective of improving land titles in India, with the ultimate objective of creating a system of conclusive titling. The title recorded with the state is considered conclusive proof of the title to land in a conclusive titling system. Members of the Macro-Finance team were part of the first study of the progress of digitisation under DILRMP. The team conducted the study in the state of Rajasthan. The study was able to highlight:

  1. Issues with the implementation of the DI-LRMP, at different stages of implementation; and
  2. The issues faced by the local administration in the maintenance of land records and in implementing the DI-LRMP.
The team prepared a report titled "DI-LRMP implementation in Rajasthan" that contains detailed findings from the study, an examination of the legal and administrative instruments governing land administration in Rajasthan, and recommendations for better delivery of land records.

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